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Clarence’s biography is currently “under construction”.  As a senior citizen with many, many, years of relevant performing experience, it is obviously going to take him some time to craft a 200 word reduction of his 86 years.

So, on his behalf, we write that Clarence is our oldest member; a singer of glorious voice, player of the mouth organ and violin, a writer, and the cheeky chap whose rendition of Joyce the Librarian, has left many a Heart and Music listener a little flustered!

Clarence has a remarkable gift – no one is a stranger to him!  He loves talking to, and finding out about people; before long you find out that he played football with your mother, and that he inspired your father to join the Gilbert and Sullivan Society!  (It might be the other way around!!)

On the subject of societies, Clarence has been in every Milton Keynes Amateur Theatre group (most of which he was a founding member), sung in most of the choirs, and been on committees throughout the city.

Clarence often has to turn down opportunities to perform – it is not his age that is a restriction, just that he is too busy to fit it all in!  Heart and Music are therefore overjoyed that he always keeps some time for us!