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Heart and Music

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Mezzo / Soprano

Répétiteur, Piano

The foundation of Nuala’s musical background was laid in the church - from school and church choirs to church organist. She went on to study music at Sheffield University, focusing on the organ as her main instrument. Obviously, all that footwork made her a natural for dancing the Burlesque Ballet in the show Summer Song!

After university, the business of family life and work, (and many, many badminton matches) meant music faded into the background until joining The Guild Singers in 1988 (with thanks to Carole for the introduction!) Nuala became a member of Music Makers of Milton Keynes in 1990 and although ‘amdram’ was a very foreign medium to her, she soon discovered her inner drama queen.

Having rediscovered the joy of music, Nuala went on to perform with Music Makers of Milton Keynes, Wolverton Gilbert and Sullivan Society, and Company MK. Since 2002, Nuala has been the conductor of The Guild Singers. She also sings with the Cornerstone Chamber Choir.

Heart and Music has become a high point in her singing life. She thoroughly enjoys the varied programmes they perform, working with very talented people, and the great camaraderie. Proving useful as the group’s répétiteur also uses some of that early education!! She lives in the hope that some of the magic of the very gifted singers of Heart and Music will rub off on her!!